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Alcoholics often are experts at hiding it

Alcoholics often are experts at hiding it.


Hello My Friends

How is everyone today? I am great church service was great today. My Saints lost last night. (What a drag). I am 14 days sober today. I am feeling real good about it. This week has gone well. I attended AA on Monday and Friday nights. We always have a speaker on Friday nights. The speaker discusses his (story). That is how they became an alcoholic up until now. It is always interesting to hear someone elses story and their recovery. AA is a place you can be quite honest about your addiction to alcohol. Everyone has the same problem. Monday nights are a bit different…we each speak about ourselves if we would like. Noone is forced to speak. Which is good for me because I am a quiet person and often keep things to myself. This particular Monday I decided to speak because I am new and wanted the other to feel that I am trying to be apart of the group. That’s all for now. Have a great day!


Today is a better day and a new day. Yesterday was challenging. I woke up in rare form. I was able to get it together after some coffee, my devotional reading , the big book, and a nap. I made it through another day with God’s help and lots of prayer. Today I woke up in a great mood and I just wanted to share my joy. This is my 11 day sober and I am so thankful that I have come this far and it seems to be getting easier to deal with things that life shoots my way if I pray and think positive. It is challenging to try and remove the negative thoughts from my head. As I choose to think in a positive way I feel like I can deal with life better. I am so proud to be alive one more day and sober.


I am 8 days sober. I have not gone home yet still here with my mother and rarely going out into the public. I am afraid of myself and unsure of my strength to not drink if I am alone. On the positive side I am attending church. I am reading my devotional reading every morning. I am also attending AA twice a week. It seems you don’t get a sponsor unless you ask for one I suppose so on Friday I will ask questions to see if someone wants to be my sponsor. I feel like it is a waste of time right now to be honest, but I go just to be around other people who know what I am going through and also hear uplifting stories of recovery.


I am starting a blog to find people who are suffering from the same illness as I. I am an alcoholic. I have not had a drink 6 days. I have attended 1 AA meeting on Monday and I have another meeting tonight. I have been drinking on and off since I was 14 years old. I know that this is something that must be dealt withe on a day to day basis. I don’t have friends that I can talk to because all of them drink.

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Sober since December 6, 2009. May God be with us all.