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Hello My Friends

How is everyone today? I am great church service was great today. My Saints lost last night. (What a drag). I am 14 days sober today. I am feeling real good about it. This week has gone well. I attended AA on Monday and Friday nights. We always have a speaker on Friday nights. The speaker discusses his (story). That is how they became an alcoholic up until now. It is always interesting to hear someone elses story and their recovery. AA is a place you can be quite honest about your addiction to alcohol. Everyone has the same problem. Monday nights are a bit different…we each speak about ourselves if we would like. Noone is forced to speak. Which is good for me because I am a quiet person and often keep things to myself. This particular Monday I decided to speak because I am new and wanted the other to feel that I am trying to be apart of the group. That’s all for now. Have a great day!