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Today is a better day and a new day. Yesterday was challenging. I woke up in rare form. I was able to get it together after some coffee, my devotional reading , the big book, and a nap. I made it through another day with God’s help and lots of prayer. Today I woke up in a great mood and I just wanted to share my joy. This is my 11 day sober and I am so thankful that I have come this far and it seems to be getting easier to deal with things that life shoots my way if I pray and think positive. It is challenging to try and remove the negative thoughts from my head. As I choose to think in a positive way I feel like I can deal with life better. I am so proud to be alive one more day and sober.



I am 8 days sober. I have not gone home yet still here with my mother and rarely going out into the public. I am afraid of myself and unsure of my strength to not drink if I am alone. On the positive side I am attending church. I am reading my devotional reading every morning. I am also attending AA twice a week. It seems you don’t get a sponsor unless you ask for one I suppose so on Friday I will ask questions to see if someone wants to be my sponsor. I feel like it is a waste of time right now to be honest, but I go just to be around other people who know what I am going through and also hear uplifting stories of recovery.

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Sober since December 6, 2009. May God be with us all.